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UpgradeManifest file not found error in Backup log during upgrade

06 Trekker

UpgradeManifest file not found error in Backup log during upgrade

Testing upgrading from 11.7 to 11.9 in one of our lower environments and the installation is failing during backup portion.  The Backup.log seems to indicate this is due to an UpgradeManifest file not found during the "Copying Custom Solutions files to Backup Location step".


2021-03-03 12:53:44 Copying Custom Solutions files to Backup Location.
copy_file(F:/Prognosis/Server/Configuration/Solutions/CustomSolutions/Cisco Pool Summary/cisco-poolsummary.udefsrec,/PrognosisBackup/PrognosisBackup-CIWAPPXP1790-2021-03-03T12.50.18/CustomSolutionsContainer/Solutions/CustomSolutions/Cisco Pool Summary/cisco-poolsummary.udefsrec): Successful.
Copied 2 files.
Backup(F:/Prognosis/Server/Configuration/CustomSolutions,/PrognosisBackup/PrognosisBackup-CIWAPPXP1790-2021-03-03T12.50.18/CustomSolutionsContainer/CustomSolutions) ... Successful.
F:/Prognosis/Server/Configuration/z_CustomSolutions doesn't exists, nothing to Backup.
copy_file(F:/Prognosis/Server/Configuration/IRcucm_poolsumm.ini,/PrognosisBackup/PrognosisBackup-CIWAPPXP1790-2021-03-03T12.50.18/CustomSolutionsContainer/IRcucm_poolsumm.ini_x64): Successful.
Warning: UpgradeManifest file not found. If you specified a list of files to be backed up please verify that the file exists in F:/Prognosis.
rc=0 : cleanup. NB! does not change the restore return code.
=====Finished at Wed Mar 3 12:53:44 2021=====


I don't see an trace of this "UpgradeManifest" file in my version backups or on any of other servers.  Any idea what this is and a workaround to get by this so the backup portion of the installer completes?   Want to make sure a have fix in hand should I run into same issue with production upgrade.




Re: UpgradeManifest file not found error in Backup log during upgrade

Hi @Timon_Dennis,


I don't believe an absent UpgradeManifest file would cause the upgrade to fail. The purpose of that file is essentially to let you specify any additional files you want to keep during the upgrade process. It's mainly used by our Professional Services department to preserve parts of a Platform Extension or customisation they've deployed and I don't believe this is a mandatory requirement. I suspect the upgrade might be failing for some other obscure reason so I would recommend opening a support case so it can be investigated further.

If you can include a copy of the install log, backup log and a current irfax from that system, that will hopefully help track down what's preventing the upgrade from completing successfully. Unfortunately you may not be able to upload the files directly to the case and you may need to email the files through to the engineer that assumes ownership of the case.


You can find a copy of the install/upgrade log in the directory that's created when you run the installer. For example, if you run the 11.9 installer, it will extract files into a folder called 'prognosis-11.9.0-windows-x64'. In this directory, you'll find a file name using the following format:


A fresh log file will be created each time you run the installer, so you could have multiple files. It might be best to include any log files that exist here.

It looks like you already know where to find the backup log but I'll include the path here just for clarity:




Scott Clement


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