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Unable to view Web UI report for other than "Today" period

05 Base Camper

Unable to view Web UI report for other than "Today" period



I'm unable to view reports for other than period "Today" in any reports in Web UI.

I get an error and blank reports when I change the period to "Yesterday" or anything else.


Database is running in TSTNS01.

Web server is running in TSTBPVPROGTOP01.


URL for "Today":



URL for "Yesterday":



Screenshot of working "Today"

ATM Response Time - Today.JPG



Screenshot of the same report showing "Yesterday" not working.

ATM Response Time - Yesterday.JPG


Community Manager

Re: Unable to view Web UI report for other than "Today" period



Considering the error is Database 'ATM Profitability DB ' not known to system on Node \TSTBPVPROGTOP01, is because it has not been started, perhaps since deployment. Try start it up? Select in Administration,


Under '> Databases' click Start New, select ATM Profitability DB, click Start as in this screencapture:



Re: Unable to view Web UI report for other than "Today" period

@GeraldC1 The database is started on the Nonstop, but the Webui is trying to reference #CurrentNode (The web server), we have tried modifying the URL but when we hit got it keeps changing it back. Starting the database on the web server wouldn't have any data.  This was supposed to be entered as a support case and I'm pretty sure there have been other cases with the same issue. 

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