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UUCX services monitoring

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UUCX services monitoring

Hello Team,


Is there any threshold to get the alert if any of the UCCX services went to a partial state?

in general, we have a threshold to monitor the services if they went down, Starting, stopping & Stopped.

Here, we are looking to monitor the UCCX services if they are in a partial service state

Please let us know if there any possibilities to monitor the UCCX partial service status.





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Community Manager

Re: UUCX services monitoring

Hi Venkatesh,


If the partial status of the particular service is shown in Prognosis display then yes you can build a condition in the threshold to send alert for it. So just copy and paste your existing condition (eg for Starting status) and then modify its where clause to detect partial status instead, change the alert message to indicate the partial status, save and restart the threshold. 


Should you need further assistance in building the threshold condition please refer to the Online help for more information and contact Support for help.





Re: UUCX services monitoring

Hi @Venkatesh,


To add to what David suggested, Prognosis does include a packaged CCX-CUIC-Alerts threshold that monitors the service status for some services on CUIC devices. Looking at the properties of this threshold, we're able to monitor the following:

Database and Database Replication service (via the CUICDB record)

Email and Scheduler service (via the CUICSCH record)

Reporting service (via the CUICREP record)


Th threshold is usually enabled when adding the UCCX cluster by clicking the 'Start standard databases and thresholds' check box however, you can also go back into the configuration in the WebUI Admin portal and enable this after adding the cluster.  I would also mention that each of the source records for this threshold are collected from specific MiBs Prognosis polls (via SNMP). This may limit what Prognosis has the ability to monitor or there may be new MiBs available that Prognosis may not yet support.


If you have a requirement to monitor a specific service or services that Prognosis doesn't currently monitor, we can ask your account manager to contact you to provide other options:

- If you have an urgent requirement, our Professional Services team may be able to create a custom solution to fit your needs.

- If it's not an urgent requirement, they may can submit a feature request on your behalf.

Hope this helps!




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