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Troubleshooting Prognosis SFTP Service start up failures.


Troubleshooting Prognosis SFTP Service start up failures.


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Re: Troubleshooting SFTP Service start up failures.

The Prognosis SFTP service is a 3rd party server that Prognosis uses to capture CDR's from Cisco UCM's for example.  If you are not seeing  CDR's come in, there could be a problem with that service.  If it is not running ou can simply Start the service.  If it starts ok then you should be good.  If you get an error then there is a problem with the service.  This article and video addresses 2 possible causes.


1. Port conflict.  The Prognosis SFTP service uses port 22 for communication to the remote clients.  Any other application using the same port will prevent the service from starting.  To check for a port conflict, run the command from a command prompt:


netstat -ano | findstr :22


If you get any output, check the PID from the  last column and confirm the application and disable if anything other than irsftp.exe.  Then try to start.  If output does not show anything then there is no conflict and there is another issue.  Step 2 will address other issues.


2. DLL files unregistered.  There are two DLL files used in the \Prognosis\Server\x64 folder. 




Sometimes, such as after a windows update for example, those dll files need re-registered using the C:\Windows\system32\regsrv32.exe process.


After the two files have been re-registered, Sttart the service.


If this does not start the service, there is another issue and may need a support case.




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