Trouble adding dvice to PI

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Trouble adding dvice to PI

I am trying to add a device to PI (9.0.9011.0).  I also have a SNMP tool on the same machine.  From that tool I can connect to the network device no problem, however via the PI configuration tool I cannot.  Is there some kind of log somewhere that says why it cannot connect.  I am just stumped on the fact that from one tool it is fine, but from the other it is not.  I am monitoring similar devices just fine, but this one is having issues.

No such things as problems, just complex answers.

Re: Trouble adding dvice to PI

Hello Adam,


Thanks for using PI :-)


As for your query, please try this:


1. Edit the DeviceDebug.cfg file in the PI directory (you may need to search for it)

2. Add the ip address of the device you are trying to investigate into the file, then save it

3. Restart PI

4. Check the contents of the Debug-<ip address> text file created in the root directory of the PI installation locaton


This should help you learn a bit about what's going on with that particular device.


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