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Syslog Retention


I just setup prognosis 11.5 to recieve generic syslogs, I can see the messages in the dashboard, mapped to the correct device, etc,  so I know I got that far. However, for each one that I send after about 30 seconds it goes away. I can't see any trace that it happened or I can't find them by viewing the databases from the Prognosis Client. Is this a nromal behavior or should I be able to go back and view them all?


Just to clairify, if it comes up I am sending syslogs from multiple devices just to test the behavior if I am able to use it as a good collector for alerting. (avaya, kiwi syslog tester, valcom, linux, etc)

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Re: Syslog Retention

Hey, good question.


You should be able to go back and view them all. In the Web UI, I imagine you're in the Syslog Messages Overview dashboard (by clicking the Syslog link in the left nav pane). From there click on a device to get "Syslog Messages on <device>" dashboard where you should get a Syslog History link that will open a database replay display that can take you back and view them all.



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