SnmpWalk in Prognosis 11.6

SnmpWalk in Prognosis 11.6

The snmpwalk is a useful utility in Prognosis used to test SNMP connectivity  from Prognosis to your monitored systems that are SNMP capable.   Up until Prognosis 11.5, the tool was located in the \Prognosis\Server folder.  Running the command was done form the \Prognosis\Server\Configuration folder in the format of:




In Prognposis 11.6 the snmpwalk.exe file is located in the \Prognosis\Server\x64 folder.



If you are using Prognosis 11.6 and trying to run the snmpwalk utility and it fails. just change to the \Prognosis\Server\x64 directory to run it.



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