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Services TAB is showing empty services in prognosis server

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Services TAB is showing empty services in prognosis server

Hi All,


We are facing issue in one of our prognosis server services tab is showing empty filed.
Can any one suggest us how can we resolved this issues. Please provide the steps which we have to taken to resolve this.

Below is the screen shot for reference.





services Tab not working.PNG


Re: Services TAB is showing empty services in prognosis server

That display is built using the CallManagerApplianceServce record and provides information about services running on Cisco Appliances. Data is only available when Cisco Publisher server is contactable. This record is available from Cisco cluster nodes and using the SNMP protocol. If the Publisher is contactable this may be a matter of resetting the SNMP credentials with in Prognosis. Please instructions below:


Configuration Updates

Once clusters have been successfully added to a Monitoring server, see Add Cluster Details, the details can be updated by using the following procedure.


Step 1       From the MS Windows Start menu, open and then log in to the Administration tool of the Prognosis Web Application using an administrator level user.

All Programs > Prognosis > Prognosis Administration

Step 2       In the server panel, click on the Monitoring server that is to be configured.

This will open the Home page for this server.

Step 3       In the navigation panel, click on the required CUCM Cluster name.

This will open the 'Update Cisco UCM Cluster' page.


Step 4       Update any of the enabled details as required. Existing Subscriber devices can be removed from the Configured Appliances section by clicking the Removebutton and new Subscriber devices can be added by clicking the Add Subscriber button.

For details of specific fields see Add Cluster Details.

Step 5       When finished click the Update button.


I hope this helps. 

05 Base Camper

Re: Services TAB is showing empty services in prognosis server

I my case publisher node is not contactiable and services TAB is Empty.


Steps i followed


initially i did SNMPwalk and ping everything looks good and then i restarted the Prognosis service and then i followed above process still issue is not fixed.


Please help on this case.


Re: Services TAB is showing empty services in prognosis server

Hello Venkatesh,



I know this has been open for awhile just came across this while browsing the forum.  Not sure if  you are still having the problem or not.


Prognosis uses Perfmon to query the CMA services.  You may want to confirm your credentials for the cluster perfmon entry in the PASSWORDS configuration is correct.  IT may be a logon issue.

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