Security Post 11.5 Upgrade

07 Climber

Security Post 11.5 Upgrade

After upgrading from 11.4 to 11.5 a lot of my users are getting access errors while attempting to launch Prognosis.

The error most frequently being received is:

  • You do not have permission to log in. There is a problem connecting to the Prognosis Server. Your Prognosis Administrator should check that the managing node is up and running correctly. Error 10061.
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Re: Security Post 11.5 Upgrade

Is the 'irpqlsrv.exe' process stopped running?

That is one common cause of that error and sometimes if 'irpqlsrv.exe' does not have a high enough memory limit set in the PROGNOSIS config by a SET MEM-SIZE.

It would affect all users attempting to connect to that Prognosis server Web UI.

Also check wvlog.txt for IRPQLSRV events that should give us more clues as to why if irpqlsrv has stopped.


Re: Security Post 11.5 Upgrade

Hi Cedric,

Probably late now, but that 10061 error comes up for licensing issues such as being over the number of licensed endpoints or licens expired.  WVlog or the PrognosisUIlog.txt file wold provide more details.

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