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SIP Trunk status is showing Degraded in Prognosis

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SIP Trunk status is showing Degraded in Prognosis

Hello Team,


We have verified one particular SIP Trunk status is showing Degraded in Prognosis and the remaining all trunks are reporting good. Please find the attached screenshot for reference.


SIP Trunk status.JPG


Verified the trunk status showing Full Service in call manager however, it is showing Degraded in Prognosis.

Can anyone help why it is showing Degraded and what steps or troubleshooting we have to take to bring this status in UP?





Re: SIP Trunk status is showing Degraded in Prognosis

Hello @Venkatesh,


In Prognosis, please drilldown on the trunk showing Degraded status to open the The SIP Trunk Details page.
The SIP Trunk Details page will show 2 windows: SIP Destination Information and SIP Trunk Remote Peer Destination Details.

These windows should show information about what is showing as down for the SIP trunk.

  • If the endpoints showing as down are no longer in use, but still show in the windows, some administration in the CUCM still remains and will need to be removed before the trunk status in Prognosis will show correctly.
  • If the endpoints showing as Down are up in the Prognosis SIP Trunk Details page are Up in the CUCM, more investigation into why Prognosis is showing a different status than the CUCM will be needed.
    - Please open a Support Case if this scenario is found.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin


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