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Prognosis environment upgrade hierarchy

06 Trekker

Prognosis environment upgrade hierarchy


We are preparing to upgrade our Prognosis environment from version 11.9 patch 8  to 12.1 patch 2.  I know the Prognosis management servers must always be upgraded first so that they are running on a version higher or equal to that of the Prognosis monitoring servers.  My understanding has always been the Prognosis monitoring servers will contineu to function normally if needed to run on a lower version than the management server.


In the past we have upgraded all Prognosis servers in our environment in the same night.  Because of the number of Prognosis servers we have and the amount of time the upgrade of each server takes, we are looking to upgrade our management servers to 12.1 one night and then our monitoring servers to 12.1 a different night.


I'm just looking for confirmation that if we upgrade our management server from 11.9 to 12.1 one night and then wait to upgrade the monitoring servers from 11.9 to 12.1 several nights later, Prognosis will still function normally with that mixed versioning.  Note that we do not currently utilize Prognosis HA functionality, but have secondary servers we can manually failover to if needed.



I'm just looking for confirmation that if we upgrade our management servers from 11.9 to 12.1  (these are not utilizing Prognosis HA funtionality) while leaving our monitoring servers at 11.9 for several days until we upgrade those, Prognosis will function normally.




Re: Prognosis environment upgrade hierarchy

Hi Timon_Dennis,


That should be ok.  The upgrade should be completed top/down from the Windows Client, the highest-level Management Server to any lower-level Management and Monitoring Servers:


I've also included some ugprade notes for your information:

Limitation on upgrade:


Important upgrade note:



06 Trekker

Re: Prognosis environment upgrade hierarchy

Thank you for the response LindaYu and additional upgrade links!

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