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Prognosis Voice quality data

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Prognosis Voice quality data

We would like to  understand why phone quality data is not written to the UC Reporter DB? We can see the data in the main dashboard as it’s used in the program’s main memory, but for some reason it’s not getting saved permanently in the UC Reporter DB. Any reports made for call quality will have calls logged but the quality metrics are all always blank (neither good or bad). would you able to provide solution how to fix this problem? Thank you so much!


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Re: Prognosis Voice quality data

Hello Angelo,


There are several potential causes for the missing Voice Quality data in UC Reporter. The best method to troubleshoot and resolve this issue is to open a Support case.


Please include the following when opening the case for a UC Reporter issue:

  • A fresh IRFAX from the UC Reporter Node.
  • A fresh IRFAX from the Managing Node.
  • An IRReporterFacts from the UC Reporter Node.

Instructions to create an IRFAX and IRReporterFacts are included below:


Process to create an IRFAX in Windows:

  1. Use File Explorer to navigate to the \Prognosis\Server\Configuration directory.
  2. Double click the irfax.bat file. A command window will open and run irfax.bat. Once the window returns to a command prompt or closes the IRFAX is complete.
  3. A .zip file will be created in the same directory using the following naming convention: irfax-<ComputerName>-<DateTime>.zip.

The IRReporterFacts creation instructions are below.


How to create an IRReporterFacts from a Windows Command Line:

  1. Open a Command Prompt on the server running UC Reporter.
  2. Navigate to the Reporter\Bin directory: Prognosis\Reporter\Bin or Program Files (x86)\PROGNOSIS IP Telephony Management Reporter\Bin
  3. Run the following command:IRReporterFacts.exe -auto
  4. The results file will be created in the same directory the command was run from.

Thank you,

Scott Baldwin







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