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Prognosis - Unix installation - user account to use?

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Prognosis - Unix installation - user account to use?

Hi, I am looking to install new Prognosis for the first time on Unix. In the guide, I read following:

"Before installation, it will be necessary to create a new non-root user (e.g. prgn) in a distinct group (e.g. prgngroup)
specifically to install and run the Prognosis Server."


Is this necessary to create a new user, or I can use existing user id which is used with ACI product on same unix server?



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Re: Prognosis - Unix installation - user account to use?

You can utilize the application user as long as it otherwise meets the criteria in the help.. it is however not recommended because you will not be able to track what Prognosis does as easily and give it specific permissions without a distinct user; you also for some deployments are required to store that application username and password within Prognosis's encrypted key store to be able to perform certain functions. 


Though at the same time there can be some benefits as running as the app user due to certain ACI applications not being as efficent when certain functions are executed as not the primary application account.. so it is up the customer to weight the pros and cons of whether to use the application account.. but our IR's generally recommendation and most audits I personally have required recommend or require using a seperate account.


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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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