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Prognosis SNMP Traps Out trap format, OID, MIB


Prognosis SNMP Traps Out trap format, OID, MIB

Prognosis can send out alerts as SNMPv1 Traps Out and, from version 11.1 onwards, as SNMPv2c and SNMPv3.
SNMP v3 standards are supported for MD5 and SHA (SHA is FIPS compliant) as well as encryption methods DES, AES, AES128, AES192, AES256 and 3DES (AES128 up and 3DES are FIPS compliant).

MIB file is compatible with most Trap receivers 'Server/Configuration/snmpmibs/ptrapmib.txt' (on NonStop 'ptrapmib' in Prognosis sub-volume)

OIDs and example values:
Object.=.{} (integratedResearch.irPROGNOSIS.irApplication) Value.=.PROGNOSIS
Object.=.{} (integratedResearch.irPROGNOSIS.irThresholdTrap.irSeverity) .3 (irWarningSeverity)
Object.=.{} (integratedResearch.irPROGNOSIS.irThresholdTrap.irProblemID) Value (int, 4) eg 151
Object.=.{} (integratedResearch.irPROGNOSIS.irThresholdTrap.irConditionName) Value (string, 0..32)
Object.=.{} (integratedResearch.irPROGNOSIS.irThresholdTrap.irEventText) Value (string, 0..255) eg "\STORAGE1 Array 7 is 87% write busy"

See Help for more details, including this article:
Prognosis for Infrastructure > Prognosis for Distributed Systems > Framework Connector > SNMP Traps Out > Including Field Values

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