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Prognosis SFTP Server

IR Partner

Prognosis SFTP Server

Since it's already installed and running, I would like to use the Prognosis SFTP service to move stored CDR / CMR data from the monitoring node to a depot server located in our core.  Is there any functionality in any of the Prognosis versions to interact with the SFTP service? 



Re: Prognosis SFTP Server

Hello Jonathan,


I've used PuTTY SFTP and WinSCP to put files onto a Prognosis server from a remote server.


The post appears to ask about using the Prognosis SFTP service to "put" files onto another server form the Prognosis server. If this is correct, the Prognosis SFTP service will not meet the described need.


The Prognosis SFTP services has intentional limitations:

  1. Prognosis SFTP only supports "put" functions from another device to the Prognosis server.
  2. "Get" functions from a remote device to the Prognosis SFTP service are not supported.
  3. The remote server connecting to the Prognosis SFTP services will only have access to the Home directory and its sub directories.
    - The Home directory on the Prognosis server is \Prognosis\Server\Configuration\SFTP\home


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin


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