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Prognosis 11.6 Windows Client Installation Folders

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Prognosis 11.6 Windows Client Installation Folders

Prognosis version 11.6 Windows client installations create two folders, C:\Prognosis and C:\prognosis-11.6.0-windows-x64. The second folder is approximately 2.25GB, which is four times the size of the Prognosis folder. Can the prognosis-11.6.0-windows-x64 folder be deleted if disk space is an issue or must it be retained? Likewise, Prognosis 11.6 Windows client patch installations create folders as well (for example, C:\z1160p02-win and C:\z1160p03-win). While these are not particularly large folders, are they needed or can they be deleted?

Community Manager

Re: Prognosis 11.6 Windows Client Installation Folders

Hello Ara,


The prognosis-11.6.0-windows-x64 directory is created during Prognosis installation or upgrade.

  • The Backup_restore sub-directory has a backup of Prognosis configurations and other Prognosis data.
  • The installation log (typically named Prognosis11-install-log-ServerName.txt) has information about the installation that might be needed later during upgrades or troubleshooting .

The prognosis-11.6.0-windows-x64 directory should be retained to help with future upgrades and troubleshooting.


The patch files should also be left as part of the Prognosis directory structure in case a roll back of a patch is needed and if troubleshooting of the Prognosis instance after patching is needed.


Upgrades and patching can be affected if the prognosis-11.6.0-windows-x64 directory or patch directories are deleted.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin


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