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No email alerts are being received from Prognosis. What should I check?


No email alerts are being received from Prognosis. What should I check?

I thought I'd share this as it is happens every now and then. Here's a list of components involved in the chain that can be checked depending on the nature of the problem - stopped or never worked, all alerts affected or just a select few, all recipients or which ones are affected and so on. Make sure to open a case with IR Support if you need assistance with it and include an irfax to ensure a quick start to investigation.

> any IRAUTOAN or IRDSPSRV errors in the wvlog like unknown profile or other; For unknown profile see also:
> the collector process is running;
> the threshold is running - irautoan.exe in Task Manager, and in the Prognosis Client, it shows as running under Thresholds;
> the dispatch manager process is running - irdspmgr.exe in Task Manager;
> the threshold message destinations includes a Dispatch Manager destination - in the threshold Properties;
> the dispatch profile in the threshold Properties also exists in the DISPMAN configuration as a Profile or Group;
> the Profile / Group in DISPMAN configuration as persons in the group;
> the Persons are defined with an email service in the DISPMAN config Persons tab;
> The Email service is defined correctly in the Email tab with correct SMTP Server;
> The "Dispatch - Failed Messages" display is empty or shows errors like "Failed to connect to mail server" - located in the Client:
Knowledge - Common - Dispatch Manager - Drilldowns - Dispatch - Failed Messages

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Re: No email alerts are being received from Prognosis. What should I check?

On the first item with "unknown profile" this actually occurs in two different forums..
The one described in the post where the GROUP or PROFILE doesn't exist like in the post referenced above, it is important to understand that Analysts / Thresholds can use a GROUP or PROFILE but cannot reference individuals defined in DISPMAN configuration.
An INDIVIDUAL can be part of a GROUP -> GROUP assigned to a PROFILE.. but a profile is not required to be used which our documentation used to imply.

2) In the WVLOG you will get this "Failed to Conver Section" error like this:
"2016-12-08 14:57:00 F-05512064 N/A IRAUTOAN 11.0.0 055868 - Unknown Profile - 494 CAN'T QUEUE ...Failed to convert Section; Dispatch Manager; \Pxxx-ID01"

This occurs sometimes when Prognosis is 'killed' or the system restarted in the middle of something and the cache is corrupted. The only known fix for this is "IRCLEAN DISPATCH"; which unfortunately required you to stop Prognosis, and simply stopping the DISPMAN configuration won't let you do it.

IRCLEAN Dispatch deletes the following files: f0000058, f0000059, f0000060, f0000061, mird0nnn, and mlps0nnn

If my answer helped you today, please be sure to mark the resolved button to assist others.

Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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