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Maximizing window views in Prognosis Windows Client

06 Trekker

Maximizing window views in Prognosis Windows Client

In the Prognosis Windows client, is there a way to actually resize or maximize the window views for such items like configuration, thresholds and analysts?  Selecting the maximize icon in the upper right corner of the corresponding windows does nothing.  When you hover over the outer borders of the window it acts like it will allow you to drag to resize, but nothing happens.  It there some trick to unlock this functionality so that these windows (confiigurations, thresholds, etc.) in the Windows client can actually be expanded from their default small size to reduce the amount of scrolling needed up/down and side to side to view its contents?



06 Trekker

Re: Maximizing window views in Prognosis Windows Client


I  have requested that the maximize button be enabled and to allow the window to be resized to a larger size years ago.   

I the mean time, I copy the contents from analyst or config, to file editor and edit the contents from the file editor.

Once i have completed my editing, I cut and past it back into the analyst or Config.   For databases and thresholds, I am unable to copy and past.  But expaning them when viewing them would be a plus.

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