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LDAPS and Pending Microsoft Windows Update (CVE-2017-8563)

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LDAPS and Pending Microsoft Windows Update (CVE-2017-8563)

Is there a guide on how to enable LDAPS on IR Prognosis.   My intial data collection on this IR Monitoring node was being flaged off as being impacted by this update in March.

Windows Update (CVE-2017-8563)

Community Manager

Re: LDAPS and Pending Microsoft Windows Update (CVE-2017-8563)

Hi Cory,


If this is for setting up monitoring for Skype for Business (and not the other LDAP for Prognosis authentication) then this page in Online Help provides details. Does this give you what you need?

See how in steps 4 onwards there is an Use SSL option there for LDAP.



IR Partner

Re: LDAPS and Pending Microsoft Windows Update (CVE-2017-8563)

I believe the problem I am seeing is that I can specify a DNS name.   Prognosis is looking for LDAP IP address rather than IP/Hostname.   These settings seem to only seem to be LDAP with TLS rather than LDAPS. 


Re: LDAPS and Pending Microsoft Windows Update (CVE-2017-8563)

Hello Cory,  I have ownership of the case you opened on this question.  I am some testing on this question on one of my systems here.  So far it only allows an IP address. I tried entering an FQDN and it reverts back to IP address.  Looking at my test server and in the online help it does not give an option over LDAP or LDAPS.  Manually trying to change in the configuration does not work either.  It is looking like we only use IP addresses for the LDAP queries for SfB endpoints.  I will update this in the case as well.


I will do some asking around to see if that is the case and there are no other options.




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