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KB00004299 - Certificate errors related to Rabbit MQ MESSAGING

KB00004299 - Certificate errors related to Rabbit MQ MESSAGING

In Prognosis versions 11.5 to 12.0 there is an error that can be seen in the WVLOG indicating a problem with certificates. The error will have text containing:


Error setting client certificate for socket


If this error is seen within these versions it may be due to a hardcoded expiration date in the certificates for Rabbit MQ. The certificates have a hardcoded expiration date of January 1, 2022. This error can be resolved by deploying the below single file hotfix and regenerating the Rabbit MQ certificates.


You can download the hotfix here.


Instructions for hotfix deployment:

  1. Extract the file openssl.cnf from the hotfix zip file and replace the existing one located under \Prognosis\Server\Configuration\utils\rabbitmq\
    *It is recommended to rename the original file before copying the hotfix file to that location.
    **Ensure the hotfix file is not blocked under the file properties in Windows.
  2. Follow the instructions in this RabbitMQ troubleshooting online help topic to generate the new self-signed certificates and apply it to the MESSAGING configuration.
  3. Format the new certificate for upload into the WebUI's MESSAGING configuration.
    Run this Powershell Script as administrator (the script must be placed in \Prognosis\Server\Configuration directory) and select the default Static Conf input file type.
  4. Using the new_messaging.config file created under the \Prognosis\Server\Configuration directory in the last step copy that text into the MESSAGING configuration within the WebUI of the  the node and select Start.
  5. Stop and start the RabbitMQ service from the Windows Services control panel.
  6. In the WebUI administration page select your node again and click on the Manage Prognosis Regions button. If you are still seeing certificate errors click the Apply Configuration.


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David Kenny

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