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JSON formatted output

05 Base Camper

JSON formatted output

Looking to understand if there is a way  to extract historical performance metrics in a json format for sending to an internal https site for display


Re: JSON formatted output

Hi @smitty3501 ,


Thank you for your query.


The requirement of generating JSON format metrics of historical performance data will probably need custom solution if it is technically feasible. Please get in contact with your account manager to arrange our professional service team to assist. If you need us to reach out to account manager for this request please let us know. 




12 Sherpa

Re: JSON formatted output

@smitty3501  I can add that it is absolutely 100% possible and we have done it a couple of different ways in Services. Are you looking to make all data available, simply pull it at a particular interval, or only get alerts for example.. as the usage and final destination will drive the best solution.  LOE could vary greatly and be from very quick to extended LOE.


I can assist a bit here but putting a request through your account manager is how we would really flush out the nitty details and LOE required.  




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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
05 Base Camper

Re: JSON formatted output

The REST interface in Prognosis returns data in JSON format. I wrote a script to extract the peak number of channels used over a 24 hour period.  We then send it to Grafana.




Re: JSON formatted output

@smitty3501, if you want to try to create this yourself and you're looking for some specific documentation, the following might help (these link to the latest product guide for the 11.8 release):

REST Prognosis Data API

PQL Specifying Source and Intervals

PQL Query Functions

PQL Retrieving Data from Database Collections




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