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How to suppress Prognosis alerts?

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How to suppress Prognosis alerts?

Alert Suppression


Under some circumstances you may want to suppress alerts such as during the scheduled maintenance times or the holiday time. Prognosis provides multiple ways to suppressing alerts:


  • Threshold Schedule Tab


Individual Threshold Condition’s Timing Tab (Note, this tab overwrites the Threshold's Schedule tab.)


  • Global Suppression for Threshold

To suppress alerts from all thresholds, enable the following statement in ALERTS Configuration:




Note, all the thresholds are still running but won't trigger any alerts. The benefit of this statement is to suppress alerts without stopping all thresholds. Stopping all thresholds can stop the alerts but you will have to manually start the thresholds when the maintenance window is over.


Also note, the SCHEDULE configuration does NOT suppress any alerts. It is only used for Availability monitoring, ie, the downtime in the scheduled time will not be counted into the Availability.


  • Start Disabled checkbox in Threshold

This is for individual condition only.


  • DISABLED statement in Analyst rule definition

This is for individual rule only.


  • SNMP trap alerts suppression for Threshold per customer/server (configured via webUI)

This is for SNMP trap alert only.


  • Configuration Items - Customer List

Suppress alerts for particular customers for enahnced Prognosis Alerts. 

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Re: How to suppress Prognosis alerts?

This is good if you want to supress alerts for one threshold type for all devices. However, I would like to supress alerts for a single device which is one of a couple of hundred devices monitored by the same threshold. For example, I have a couple hundred Cisco routers acting as voice gateways. I have one site that is in maintenance, so I would like to supress the alerts for that single router. If I stop or supress monitoring for the entire threshold (say the IptDeviceTh threshold or even the PSTNGatewayUnreachable condition) it stops it for ALL of my devices and not just the one. How do I easily supress alerts for just a single device? In tools such as SolarWinds I simply find my device and click a button to supress all alerts for it.


Re: How to suppress Prognosis alerts?

Hi @HardBoiledGreg,

If you're alerting via RabbitMQ, you can use the alert suppression mechanism in the WebUI. This would allow you to suppress alerts at the device level. This does require additional licensing and configuration to set up and is described in more detail here.

For all other alerting, the only way I can suggest is to filter the specific device out by modifying the where clause.

For example, the PSTNGatewayDown condition uses a default where clause of 'DEVSTATE = 3'.

To prevent that condition from generating an alert for a specific device called SYD-RTR01, you would change the where clause on that condition to 'DEVSTATE = 3 AND DEVNAME NOT CONTAINS "SYD-RTR01"'.

I would recommend creating a display that uses the DEVPSGW record as this will allow you to identify exactly what the DEVNAME is for the device you don't want alerts from.

Of course, you would also need to remember to remove this additional filter when that device was brought back online.

I hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any additional questions!



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