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How to setup alerting for "Trunk calls active"

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How to setup alerting for "Trunk calls active"

Hello Team,


How can we set up alerting for trunk calls active? Where we want alerting for the calls going on trunks, Please suggest the steps.













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Re: How to setup alerting for "Trunk calls active"

You can create a threshold condition on the "CallmanagerApplianceTrunk" record and alert on the field "CallsActive" (CACT). If there are 1 more calls active you can alert. You can use a Where clause like CACT > 0calltrunk.JPG

05 Base Camper

Re: How to setup alerting for "Trunk calls active"

We have created the thereshold for given where cluase,  its not working,  Can you please send more detail steps for configuring the alerting for trunk active calls?




Re: How to setup alerting for "Trunk calls active"

Hi Phani,


An easy way to build thresholds is to create a display with the record you want to alert on. In the display, if you create two windows, you can use a where clause of 'ALL' in one to view all data and use the second window to modify the where clause to test what's returned. Here's an example:

Display Example.jpg

Important to note as well, some records for the CUCM platform are only supplied by the cluster node, while others are supplied by the appliance server node, so you need to adjust what you're requesting data from for that record (on the Node tab) to ensure you request data from the right source.

If you mouse over the record name to view the definition, it will usually tell you what that record is supplied by:

Record source.jpg


For the CMATRUNK record, you need to request data from the cluster node. This is using the display example above:



Hopefully this helps!



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