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How to make sure a threshold starts on Prognosis start-up even after a Prognosis cold shutdown on NonStop


How to make sure a threshold starts on Prognosis start-up even after a Prognosis cold shutdown on NonStop

"I have an important threshold I want to automatically start when prognosis starts.
I know that if I perform 'warm shutdowns' then all active thresholds, analysts and databases should be restarted, but I can't rely on my users always executing warm shutdowns, so I need another mechanism that will work even for cold shutdown/restart. How can I do this?"

Please note that functionality to do this currently only exists on NonStop platforms as this function is built into the startup macros on this platforms. This can be achieved by setting up and IRCMD 'in file' and then adding a 'start up item' to the PRGNINI file. A procedure to perform this follows.

=============to dump the running threshold config to text file on NonStop============
1. Create an IRCMD input file to use for listing the Threshold contents (to get it into text format). To do so, create a text file containing the below: (For this example we call the file listDE and it's stored in the PROGNOSIS sub volume)
(Where 'ThresholdName' is the name of the threshold that you want to ensure is started at PROGNOSIS startup.
2. Start the threshold via the GUI (if it is not already running), and then once it is active, run IRCMD to list the contents of the Threshold and save it to a text file; using listDE as the input file. To do so, run the below command: (For this example I'm outputing the IRCMD version of the Threshold to the startDE text file)
run ircmd /out startDE/ listDE
3. Convert the listed (text version) of the Threshold (startDE) into a version which can be used to start the Threshold, via IRCMD. To do so, edit the startDE text file as follows:
Replace the below two lines:
Prognosis Command-Line Utility
With the following single line:
START ....
and save the file and exit.
4. Run IRCMD using startDE as the input file. Test it out by stopping the Threshold in the GUI, and run the following command. You should see the Threshold start up in the GUI:
run ircmd startDE
5. To have the Threshold start when PROGNOSIS starts, add the below line under the "[startup]" section in the PRGNINI file (in the PROGNOSIS sub-volume):
startup-item=command ircmd startDE
=============to dump the running threshold config to text file on Windows============
Windows Quick Steps:
1. Ensure the Threshold is running
2. Create a text file (In this example mythr.txt) with the below added: LIST THRESHOLD "ThresholdName" END_THRESHOLD
3. Run the command: ..\ircmd "mythr.txt"
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