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How to find why a threshold do not start ?

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How to find why a threshold do not start ?

Hello Community,

This is genral question from a new user.

I tru to start threshold, and a while after  beeing half blue, it stops (cmaServerAlerts).

Where I can I find some logs or explanation about the reason ? log file or something...

Thank you


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Re: How to find why a threshold do not start ?

Hello Christophe,


If the attempt to start the Threshold was done from the Prognosis Windows Client, Event History will have some additional information. Use the following to check the Event History:

  1. Click on the "!?" icon (Event History) near the top of the Prognosis Windows Client. The icon is typically right below the "View" menu option.
    Event History Icon.png
  2. Select the desired Event from the list.
  3. Click the "Info" button to see additional Event details.
  4. When finished, click Close and Close again to exit the Event History popup windows.

There may also be Threshold failure entries in the wvlog.txt file. The wvlog.txt file is found in the \Prognosis\Server\Configuration directory.


If the Event or wvlog indicates a timeout issue, try starting the Threshold 2 times in a row. If the Threshold will still not start please open a Support Case with the following:

  • An irfax. (details to create below)
  • Screen capture of the Event History information.
  • A copy of the of the Threshold file that will not start.


Process to create an irfax in Windows:

  1.  Use File Explorer to navigate to the \Prognosis\Server\Configuration directory.
  2. Double click the irfax.bat file. A command window will open and run irfax.bat. Once the window returns to a command prompt or closes the irfax is complete.
  3. A .zip file will be created in the same directory using the following naming convention: irfax-<ComputerName>-<DateTime>.zip.

Save a copy of a Threshold:

  1. Open the Threshold in the Prognosis Windows Client.
  2. Instead of clicking Start, click "Save As" and save a copy to a temp location.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin




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