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How to disable The service Spooler is DOWN alert

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How to disable The service Spooler is DOWN alert

Is there a way to disable the "The service Spooler is DOWN" alert?


We have intentionally disabled the Print Spooler service on purpose as part of our corporate requirements.

As a result Prognosis keeps showing this alert which is causing us some confusion in operations.

Community Manager

Re: How to disable The service Spooler is DOWN alert

Yes it can be disabled by disabling the line in the Availability configuration. Here are the steps and a short video on how to do that. 



<script type="text/javascript" async src=""></script>



The issue: Getting "The service Spooler is DOWN" alert from Source: the Prognosis Windows server, due to the "Print Spooler" service is disabled as part of corporate requirements. How can we disable the alert?

Solution: Disable / comment out the line in AVAILABILITY config should clear the alert permanently, by inserting "!" at the beginnin gof the line:
And then clicking Start.

Steps in Web UI
1. Admin;
2. Windows Server
3. Scroll down to Configurations, select AVAILABILITY
4. update the line
5. click Start
6. Alerts: confirm the alert is cleared.


This alert comes out-of-box with Prognosis on Windows, and the alert comes from the CheckService rule in the WindowsAnalyst. 


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