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How can you reset web access

05 Base Camper

How can you reset web access

Used manual upgrade procedure listed below to migrate our manager from Windows 2012 to 2016.  The new server is located in a different OU so we need to use different Ad groups than what we currently have setup.  After migrating the config over we can't login to our web so wondering if there is a config file we can update to either add the new AD groups or reset to default access.  



Manual Upgrade Procedure

This procedure will need to be used when migrating an existing IR Prognosis 32-bit installation to the latest Prognosis version on a 64-bit Windows server. In these cases, the standard Upgrade procedure cannot be used.

This procedure may also be used when upgrading an existing 64-bit Prognosis Windows server to the latest version if it is not practical to use the standard upgrade procedure or if there is a need to migrate the previous Prognosis version to the new version on a different machine.


Step 1       From a folder on a local machine run the standard Prognosis installer (Prognosis11.x.x.exe). The exe file is a self-extracting/self-installing executable that will extract itself into a sub-folder named 'Prognosis11.x.x'. On slow machines this process may take a few minutes. Once extracted, this folder will contain the following:

- Backup_restore folder

- MST folder

- Prerequisites folder

- Prognosis11.x.x.msi

- Setup.exe

Step 2       The Setup.exe will automatically start to run on the local machine. This should be cancelled when the 'Welcome to Prognosis' dialog is displayed.

Step 3       Copy the Backup_restore folder to the existing Prognosis version home folder (for example, C:\Prognosis\Backup_restore).

Note that amongst other files the following files should be in this folder:




Step 4       Run the PrognosisBackup.bat script in C:\Prognosis\Backup_restore. When this command finishes, a \PrognosisBackup folder will be created on the current drive, for example C:\PrognosisBackup\PrognosisBackup-machinename-datetimestamp. This folder contains the backup of the previous Prognosis system.

Step 5       If migrating the previous Prognosis version to a different machine running Prognosis 11.5, copy the PrognosisBackup folder created in the previous step to the new machine. For example, copy to "C:\MyBackup\PrognosisBackup-machinename-2013-09-27T09.46.44" on the target machine.

Step 6       Installing Prognosis 11.5


To upgrade on the existing machine, uninstall the previous Prognosis version and then install Prognosis 11.5 as a new installation.


To migrate to a different machine, install Prognosis 11.5 on the target box as a new installation.

Step 7       Restoring the configuration


From the Prognosis 11.5 Backup_restore folder, run the PrognosisRestore.bat script, specifying the backup folder path created in Step 4. For example:

C:\Prognosis\Backup_restore>PrognosisRestore.bat "C:\PrognosisBackup\PrognosisBackup-machinename-2013-09-27T09.46.44"


From the target machine, run the PrognosisRestore.bat script from Prognosis 11.5 installation folder by specifying the backup folder path in Step 3. For example:

C:\Prognosis\Backup_restore>PrognosisRestore.bat "C:\MyBackup\PrognosisBackup-machinename-2013-09-27T09.46.44"

  Upon successful restore, the backup folder will be removed.

Community Manager

Re: How can you reset web access

I wonder if you have LDAP login set up and therefore if this helps?


Help > Security > Access Layer > LDAP Authentication > LDAP Configuration



05 Base Camper

Re: How can you reset web access

Thanks Gerald.  We are using AD (AD - use the native active directory system on the machine Prognosis is installed on) for authentication.  I was able to get access with a local ID that was setup by creating it on the new system.  For future migrations we plan on adding the new AD group into the security setup before performing the backup.

Community Manager

Re: How can you reset web access

Hi Matt, Well done getting around it by creating/using a local account. OK. It sounds like the Prognosis Web UI role based security was locking everyone out because it was built on accounts in the previous domain. Here's how to bring back the factory default role based security Public \Everyone Full Access role.

Open a cmd.exe prompt with "Run as Administrator" and enter these commands (for Prognosis 11.4 and 11.5).


Net stop Prognosis
Cd \Prognosis\Server\Configuration\schema
Net start Prognosis


Community Manager

Re: How can you reset web access

Hi Matt, Thanks for your feedback on this. I should clarify that your method is preferred because it won't lose the other roles. To summarise:


Scenario: Migrated Prognosis to a server in a different AD domain. But Web UI roles contain user accounts in the old AD domain. How to get access back into the Web UI to update the roles for the new domain.


Method Requires Impact on other roles
Create a local user on the new system with the same name as a local user defined in a role That there is a local user already defined in a role with Admin access -
Run the above perl scripts - Other roles will be lost.



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