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General Question on prognosis setup and migrating to new site

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General Question on prognosis setup and migrating to new site

Hello Team,


One of our customers is migrating their UC infra to another location , in which Prognosis also deployed in the same VM,

Now , They decominiosing the servers including prognosis,  Prognosis is consisting with other UC servers which needs to operate except this location, As i said earlier, The prognosis server also would be in the Same VM and wants to decomm,


Now what are the possiblities that we can move the prognosis to other site without losing data,  Not sure if IP address of the prognosis can be changed or not.


We dont want loose any date or databases containing in present prognosis folder,  If the server is decomm, and new server is ready to provisioned ,


1.Can we move the prognosis folder to other new server and operate as like before.? if yes, Provide the steps to make the new server works like before.


2. What if IP address changes on the new server ? will that work


3. or only option is Rebuild?









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Re: General Question on prognosis setup and migrating to new site



This help article provides steps for how to migrate from one server to another.


Deployment and Installation > Installation > Server on MS Windows > Upgrade Installation > Manual Up...


Also here is a short video doing something similar.


We also recommend settig up a test VM to flesh out the steps to suit your enviroment there.



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