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GUI is slow on start/save of the configuration/threshold

05 Base Camper

GUI is slow on start/save of the configuration/threshold

Hello all,


I have Prognosis GUI 11.5 on my workstation (Windows 10 Enterprise v. 1909). GUI is working OK when started, but whenever I click to do a:

- start configuration or threshold

- save a configuration or threshold


... it takes about 30s to finish it and to get back my "prompt", if I say so. If I start a configuration, I can see from VWLOG that the command was issued and finished almost immediately, but in GUI I am not able to do anything and on the GUI "(Not responding)" is shown on title bar until the command finally finished.


I try with Prognosis reinstallation, but it is the same.

What could be the reason for this? How can I found out what is going on after I click "start" or "save as"?

All other application works just fine on my WS. On other PC's or even on our Windows terminal server, GUI is working perfectly.





Re: GUI is slow on start/save of the configuration/threshold

Hi Igor,

Can you please look at the wvlog file located in the Prognosis\User Interface folder and see if there are any messages about the operations on the configuration or threshold. If it does not have obvious info then we can try to run a GUI trace to find out what is happening. Please log a support case so that the Support team can help on tracing it. 


Thank you.


05 Base Camper

Re: GUI is slow on start/save of the configuration/threshold

Hi David,


Thank you for the answer!

The WVLOG file does not exist in Prognosis fulder/subfolders...

But there is a C:\Prognosis\User Interface\Log folder, but it is contains only readme.txt file Smiley Happy


I will open a case...

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