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Finding source for Web display in client

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Finding source for Web display in client

Is there an easy way to determine the location in the full client of a display shown on the web?  For instance, I see "Cisco Phones Not Registered" on my web display and am trying to find that display in "Knowledge".  This is the actual one I am looking for, but I am also just asking if there is a way to search in general

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Re: Finding source for Web display in client

Hi Jay,


Thank you for the query.


Generally you could navigate in the Knowledge folder from Thick Client to locate the raw display document (.dpy file) for the web equivalent dashboard (located in the <Prognosis>\WebUI\IIS\Dashboards directory), or search by its name in Windows File Explorer or third party tool like Search Everything, which can find the file promptly.  





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Re: Finding source for Web display in client


A couple of things.

1) Not all WebUI dashboards exist in the knowledge directory for some product lines.. as well as some do but are not the same version as the WebUI may have additional functionality that is only available in the WebUI.

2) We realize not everyone has access to the directory where knowledge is to use Windows Explorer... the solution I use even on my own workstation is to use the following within a Prognosis Command and it works pretty good but not perfectly. 

dir /s D:\Prognosis\User Interface\Knowledge\*#DisplayName*



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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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