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Error on Backup phase from 11.4 Patch 9 to 11.5

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Error on Backup phase from 11.4 Patch 9 to 11.5

Getting this error in the backup.log in C:\PrognosisBackup\  in the log file. that was referenced in the install error log.


2018-11-14 21:15:19 Copying Custom Solutions files to Backup Location.
P:/Prognosis/Server/Configuration/CustomSolutions doesn't exists, nothing to Backup.
P:/Prognosis/Server/Configuration/z_CustomSolutions doesn't exists, nothing to Backup.
Warning: UpgradeManifest file not found. If you specified a list of files to be backed up please verify that the file exists in P:/Prognosis.
rc=0 : cleanup. NB! does not change the restore return code.
=====Finished at Wed Nov 14 21:15:19 2018=====


Trying to find where this UpgradeManifest is and how to finish updating the my remain nodes that are getting this error.


1    I have tired moving the installer to the current drive that Prognoisis is installed on.

2.   Verified permissions to directory and ran the executable in elevated rights.

3.  Disabled Antivirus

4.  Cleared all Windows OS Updates.


Re: Error on Backup phase from 11.4 Patch 9 to 11.5



It seems like a warning message and not an error. The manifest file and 'CustomSolutions' directory are typically used for extended solutions, and if you don't have them, it should be OK.


Can you confirm if that is the actual root cause for failure?

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Re: Error on Backup phase from 11.4 Patch 9 to 11.5

Ill dig through the installation logs again here.  I was following the last procedures and event and checked the backup log.

Re: Error on Backup phase from 11.4 Patch 9 to 11.5

I have seen the same error myself a couple of times and the install aborts and there is no work around that I have found before a rip and replace I have found so far unfortunately. Be sure to create a case with the installation log so Support can isolate this and hopefully fix in the 11.6 installer (I can only hope).



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Christopher R Souser - Sr. Services Solution Engineer, Payments & Infrastructure – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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Re: Error on Backup phase from 11.4 Patch 9 to 11.5

Found out that the few nodes that had this problem.


Were missing the following Passwords in the PASWORDS Confirguration

PQLSmiley Tonguerognosis
PQLSmiley Tongueostgres


Got the usernames and password from support added it in to the config and reran the update and it worked.

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