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EXECFAIL in Record "Problem" Field PROBSTAT

IR Partner

EXECFAIL in Record "Problem" Field PROBSTAT

Dear IR's ! 

do you have an idea when we get EXECFAIL in Automated-Analyst or Threshold-Command?

We have no idea what the reason is and very often the started TACL-Procedure was executed although the EXECFAIL raises. 

If we know the reason for EXECFAIL we hope that we can change our environment that it no longer occur. 

Best Regards

Bernd Marten

Bernd Marten
Employee of Twinsoft-Germany
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Community Manager

Re: EXECFAIL in Record "Problem" Field PROBSTAT

Hey there Bernd


In the Prognosis Client / IRGUI if you drag a display from document navigator onto the NonStop node in node navigator:

"Knowledge > Common > Command & Control > Drilldown > Command & Control - All Commands Executed on Node"

then find the command that gets EXECFAIL status, and click the CmdID drill-down link to get more details about that command. Does that help? (Effectively checking CMDLOG record, and then AUTOOUT record for more info about the failed/quirky command.)


*The theory is that it has a non-zero error code or something else unusual in the output.



IR Partner

Re: EXECFAIL in Record "Problem" Field PROBSTAT

Hey ... sorry for my late answer but I was a long time not on the customerside. 

Sorry no in the outlog or cmdlog are no more hints, so I hoped that you can explain how your procedure works which writes out the EXECAIL. The strange thing is that all works fine, we only get that "alert". 

We assumed that it is maybe a timeout in starting the procedure ... but at the end the procedure does startup and work correct. 

But we don't want to suppress our EXECFAIL Alert, because than we don't get EXECFAIL-Failures which are real failures. :-)

Bernd Marten
Employee of Twinsoft-Germany

Re: EXECFAIL in Record "Problem" Field PROBSTAT

Hi Bernd,


As Gerald indicated, the EXECFAIL occurs when a non-zero response is received. Normally we would also receive some text in conjunction with the return code, but this will largely depend on the executable being run (or TACL routine/macro).


If the CMDLOG and AUTOOUT records don't contain any additional detail, it may be necessary to trace the IRAUTOAN process or possibly IRCMDSRV and see if we can caputre any other information that helps identify what's gone wrong. 


Some additional thoughts:

- It may be possible to capture the response code and response text in an analyst rule and then log this information (if anyting is being captured). E.g.:


SET Result := ^RET_TEXT

MSG 100 "run command" MSG 200 "Return code= @RC@ Return Text= @Result@"


- If the analyst/threshold is executing a tacl routine or macro, that might also need to be reviewed to see if any additional debugging or logging can be enabled there that will tell us more.


I hope this helps track down where this is coming from. If we need to investigate in more detail, a case will be more appropriate so we can capture data from that environment.



Scott Clement

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