Disable SSO with ADFS

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Disable SSO with ADFS

We have configured SSO with ADFS, I want to disable the SSO. 

Any one have idea how to disable SSO?

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Re: Disable SSO with ADFS



Were the changes documented, so that they can be reversed? Or, does the Help artiles help? They're in this location: 

Security > Access Layer > Single Sign On > ADFS Configuration > ADFS Configuration


This manual alternative is worth considering as you can back up the files before changing, and restore them if t doesn' work out depending on the environment.

Security > Access Layer > Single Sign On > ADFS Configuration > Set up Prognosis Server > Manual Con...



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Re: Disable SSO with ADFS

Hello Shrinivas, 


Glad that you have SSO up running with ADFS. I am new to Prognosis, and thinking to enable SSO on the Prognosis in my org. The online document on Prognosis SSO is a bit too much information for me. Would you mind share your experience and/or cheat sheat to enable SSO on Prognosis?


Many thanks in advance.

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