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Customized reports

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Customized reports

How do I create a daily report for resource utilization tha give max and average for cpu and then have automated to run daily


Re: Customized reports

Hello Smitty3501,


There are several potential options available for this type of request. Below are some suggestions of various options as a starting place.


If a Database Replay Display will be used:

  1. Create a Database Collection gathering the Standard CPU Usage and Max CPU Usage values.
    - Use the desired retention time, collection interval and appropriate size limit for the Database Collection.
  2. Create a Database Replay Display to present the data from the Database Collection.
  3. Use the Database Replay Display to review the information as needed.
  4. Optionally, publish the Database Replay Display to the Web UI to be used as a Key Display.


If a Reporting Essentials (Web UI Report) will be used:

  1. The desired report may already exist. See Prognosis Online Help page Reporting Essentials.
  2. If a report beyond the included Reporting Essentials reports is needed:
    a. Use the Database Replay Display steps from above, but use a Report Display instead of Replay Display.
    b. Publish the report to the Web UI.
    c. Creating a Database Summary of the database is also recommended to speed the Display opening and as a best practice. The report Display should use the Database Summary database instead of the Database Collection database.
    d. Create a report using the links found in the Reporting Essentials page.


If an Advanced Reporting (Microsoft SQL based) custom report is needed, then Professional Services will need to be involved in the custom report creation.


Professional Services can be utilized for any of the above options to train users how to create the reports, or to simply create the report for consumption. To engage with Professional Services, please contact the Account Manager with the desired report questions and information.


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin


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