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Could not add user defined field to a Display

05 Base Camper

Could not add user defined field to a Display

Hi there,

I'm have Prognosis version 11.8 and trying to add a "User Defined" field on a display. Usually in other Prognosis environments/installation that I ever worked with, I can easily add it without issue.

With the current Prognosis environment that I work in, after configuring the where clause in "Add Condition" sub window and click on "OK" it didn't go to the next sub window to configure the "Text" field.


Could anyone please help pointing out if there is step that I need to do or a workaround?



Arief Syamsulaksana

Community Manager

Re: Could not add user defined field to a Display

Hi Arief,


We haven't seen this issue before. Try to restart the Prognosis Client and see if it helps. If the problem persists, please log a support case with irfax, the screenshots of the problem (or a short video of it), we will investigate it.




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