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Commonly Used Prognosis Documents Format and the Approach to Converting Them into Text File

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Commonly Used Prognosis Documents Format and the Approach to Converting Them into Text File

Prognosis has many document formats. The commonly used documents include the following:


Display & Dashboard:

Client Display Document:  .dpy
WebUI Dashboard:  .dashboard


Database, Threshold, Analyst and Configuration:

Database Collection Document:  .dbc
Database Summary Document: .dbs
Threshold:  .thr
Analyst:  .aa
Static Configuration:  .cnf


To convert the documents (these include the database collection, threshold, analyst and static configuration) into text format, the easiest way is to run an irfax, which will include the text dump of all running database collections, thresholds, analysts and static configurations, in the Dynamic process details section.


Another way to converting the documents into text format, is to utilize the irgui.exe ircmd option. This approach can convert the documents (including database summary as well) into an input file for ircmd. More details is available at Online help:


For example, to convert a configuration file ("AUTOMATION on PROD-SERVER.cnf" saved in the "My Displays & Configurations" folder) into text file which can be used with IRCMD, run the following command:

C:\Prognosis\User Interface>irgui.exe  -ircmd  "My Displays & Configurations\AUTOMATION on PROD-SERVER.cnf" -o c:\Temp

The output text file located in C:\Temp folder is as below:

! Source File: My Displays & Configurations\AUTOMATION on PROD-SERVER.cnf

DEFINE SDN_PROFILE(Automation, "Url=http://*:1339/AutomationFeed", "site=Automation")

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