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Cisco Phone Registrations by Load

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Cisco Phone Registrations by Load

I needed someone to bounce some ideas\thoughts off re a report\dashboard I was hoping to generate.
We are in the early process of migrating our users over to Webex App [Voice] from Jabber, both use the 
Cisco Unified Client Services Framework Model [CSF]
Under Phone count by Model dashboard we have "Cisco Unified Client Services Framework" device, this could be Jabber or Webex.
We can also see Phone count by load, jabber for windows or webex for windows, which is good. My dashboard copy\edit skills are very rusty!
Ideally I would like to see:
Jabber for Mac = total\registered
Jabber for Win = total\registered
Webex for Mac = total\registered
Webex for Win = total\registered
with the numbers of jabber decreasing & Webex increasing as we progress through the migration.
Am I asking too much in 1 dashboard?
The ability to drill down then see loaded versions, users, IP, Dev name etc?
We are still running 11.8

Thanks for reading
Community Manager

Re: Cisco Phone Registrations by Load

Hi @TrevorFagg ,


When the phone data shows properly in Prognosis dashboard, eg, the Phone Count by Model, the User Name, Phone Load and its Registration Status, it is possible to build a custom display or report and publish it as a custom dashboard/report to show the data in the desired format, eg, count the total, group the phone by its model and registration status, drill down to next level display for details etc.  


The Prognosis Online Help has detailed information on how to build a custom display. If you need further help to build the document to meet the business requirement, IR Professional Service can assist. Please contact IR Account Manager to discuss it if you would like to proceed.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have questions.


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