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Cisco Meeting Place reports

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Cisco Meeting Place reports


    I cannot find any Insight reports for meeting place (v11.7).  Are there plans to add report packs for meeting place ?  I can see a few reports on the Prognosis web interface but they are very high level.  We are looking for reports that detail, in particular, QoS (packet loss, latency, jitter) and framerates.




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Re: Cisco Meeting Place reports

Hi @JohnMcCormack ,


I'm not aware of any current plans to release additional report packs for the Reporting Advanced product (aka BigDataInsight). Unfortunately, if the existing web reports don't provide what you need, the only other options I can suggest would be to either:

a) Build out your own custom solution. Using Prognosis, this may only involve setting up the source DB collection and then building reports based on that.

b) Engage with our Professional Services team to see if they can provide a solution that would satisfy your requirements. They may be able to include additional records in Advanced Reporting and build the necessary reports (using Report Builder) in SSRS.




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