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Changelog for thresholds

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Changelog for thresholds



    Is there documentation on changes made to the standard thresholds, like cmaServerAlerts, for a new Prognosis release, ?

E.g. we are upgrading to 11.7 now from 11.5 and have previously customized the default thresholds, such as adding an SNMP trap host as a default destination and disabling certain noisy thresholds. Going from one release to another might introduce new records or changes to existing records and also to the corresponding thresholds. To update the thresholds we need to stop the thresholds and start them again.  This will overwrite all of our customizations.

To avoid creating lots of work for us, we would prefer to only stop and start thresholds that we know have been changed by IR.  We can then reapply any customizations to the updated threshold.

Looking at the release notes for 11.7 I do not see any details on threshold changes.




Community Manager

Re: Changelog for thresholds

Hi John,


Thank you for the query.


The current documentation does not have the detailed changelog to this threshold document level. I think this is a good point to raise to product management team to include any changes in the thresholds, analysts and database collections in the new release document. If you would like to track this please log a support case, this would be a documentation RFE. 

For now you might use the ircmd to dump the 11.5 threshold document into text format, and also dump the thresholds of the 11.7 (those that you are running on 11.5), then compare the output of the text of the two releases with WinMerge tool, this would show the differences if any. 




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