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CDR Displays - Broken after 11.5 Upgrade

08 Mountaineer

CDR Displays - Broken after 11.5 Upgrade

Avaya PBX, after upgrading, my CDR displays are busted.  All calls have the same call duration 9,042, Unknown disconnect reason, No trunk information, and all of the graphs at the bottom have no dataCDR broken after 11.5 Upgrade.PNG.  See screenshot.

Community Manager

Re: CDR Displays - Broken after 11.5 Upgrade

Is it a customised CDR format?  with a line like this in the AVAYA_PBX configuration?

DEFINE CDR(... format=customized, ...)

and was there a modified xml for it?


If so then it may not have come across during the upgrade.

This article has more details:

Online Help > Prognosis for Unified Communications > Avaya Aura Communication Manager > Configuratio...





Re: CDR Displays - Broken after 11.5 Upgrade

Hello Cedric,


Is this related to the case you created, 38120?  If so you were able to resolve by seting  the port number for CDR's as it may have not been using the default port, which could have changed during the upgrade.

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