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Avaya SBCE Interface Monitoring A1/B1

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Avaya SBCE Interface Monitoring A1/B1



I'm wondering if it's possible to setup a threshold under "SBC-Alerts" to monitor specific interfaces on the SBC (A1 and B1) to send an email when the interfaces are up/down via Dispman.


I have checked under thresholds and  under "SBC-Alerts" and i can see a field called "ASBCESnmpInterfaces" but not sure on how to configure the threshold itself to monitor A1 and B1 interfaces.






Re: Avaya SBCE Interface Monitoring A1/B1

Hello Voice-Network,


The ASBCESnmpInterfaces (ASBCEINT) record contains a field named ifNumber. The ifNumber field provides the number of interfaces independent of status. This Prognosis record does not have a status field. Addition details about the ASBCESnmpInterfaces (ASBCEINT) record can be seen in the Prognosis Online Help page Prognosis Records Full Listing.


Unfortunately, the ASBCE MIB does not have ANY fields available to show interface status. Since Prognosis gathers all of its information from an ASBCE via SNMP, the Up/Down status of ASBCE interfaces is not available to Prognosis because of an ASBCE product limitation.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin



05 Base Camper

Re: Avaya SBCE Interface Monitoring A1/B1

Hi Scott,


Thanks for your response, I will take a look at the prognosis help page.

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