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Automating a report via tacl

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Automating a report via tacl

Using the capacity planning databaste

I  know that I can create a custom display and grasph but that only shows the "starting time" and not the max % used that day ( prob cause interval only allows  "1").  If I change output to chart I can see all the datapoints and set interval to 48  capacity planning database


there is a need to do some trending for some anticipated growth where I would want to setup something via a tacl macro that could be run daily to generata a report of disk space  % alloacted for "yesterday"


Re: Automating a report via tacl

Hi @smitty3501,

You should be able to select the 'Max' value in the replay document when creating a replay or report based on the Capacity Planning database. When the Trouble Shooting database is summarised, the Cap Planning DB captures the Standard (average), Min and Max values for the previous day and these values should be available to use if you're creating your own report.

I've attached some screen shots that demonstrate how you would go about modifying our packaged replay so it's using the Max instead of Standard value as an example.

If you have a specific requirement to generate output on the NonStop (via TACL), it would also be possible to set up a daily summary to csv, either using the DbSumm mechanism or just summarising the Capacity Planning database to csv with the Max value you need, but both would be a bit more complex to set up.
If you can elaborate on the type of report you need and the version of Prognosis you're using, I may be able to provide some examples that will hopefully help achieve what you need.

Scott Clement

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