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AntiVirus Exclusions for IR Prognosis and Path Insight

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AntiVirus Exclusions for IR Prognosis and Path Insight

Looking to find information on what Antivirus exclusions need to be put into  place on Monitoring Nodes and Management Nodes.


Re: AntiVirus Exclusions for IR Prognosis and Path Insight

Hello Cory,


The following statement is from Prognosis Online Help:


Disable virus checking software.

  • It is preferable that all types of virus checking software be disabled on the destination machine. However, if this is not possible then the 'Prognosis' folder plus the associated "PrognosisFiles' and 'PrognosisData' folders should be added to the virus checking exclusion list and excluded from any endpoint security software. Active virus checking software may cause system problems ranging from errors when accessing configurations to the slow transfer of data between servers.

The above note is found in Prognosis Online Help on both the Microsoft Windows Installation Checklist and Microsoft Windows Upgrade Checklist pages. (If prompted for a login when accessing the pages use Credentials)


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin


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