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Aging Period of NodeGroup

05 Base Camper

Aging Period of NodeGroup

Can you give more details about the parameters for DynamicTiming in the NodeGroup configuration?


<name> - easy enough this is the name of the grouping

<evaluation interval> - This seems to be the frequency at which the group information is refreshed.

<aging period> - not sure what this does

<start time> - start of the evaluation period?

<end time> - end of the evaluation period?


The manual does go into details about how these parameters are used.  Any detail you can provide would be appreciated.


Example:  If I create DYNAMICTIMEING ("#Nonstop Systems\Environments\Production", 7 DAYS, 30 DAYS, 00:00, 01:00)

Would this evaluate and rebuild the grouping every 7 days between the hours of midnight and 1 am?  What would the 30 days for aging period do?


Thanks, Chris

Community Manager

Re: Aging Period of NodeGroup

Hi Chris,


The Aging Period is the timing applied to the where clause of the name of the defined node group, so if during the 30 days in your example, the where clause returns no match with existing node group, a new node group will be created as the timer has expired. 


Hope this helps.






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