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Adding the Paging feature to a Custom Rest API

05 Base Camper

Adding the Paging feature to a Custom Rest API

Hi All,


Is it possible to add  the paging feature to a custom Rest API?


To give a bit more detail, when you click into the default CIMapping API via Swagger, you get a bunch of options. One of these options (the 3rd GET) allows you to specify a customer ID, page number, and page size filters to be applied to the results.



Is there a way to add these features to a custom API? Specifically the paging option.




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Re: Adding the Paging feature to a Custom Rest API



/rest/v1/cimapping is a different API than /rest/v1/data and so while cimapping allows different options, /data is based on PQL views created in the RestAPIDataset xml. It only allows you to specify url parameters that can be used in the PQL query. It may allow you to apply filters like 'TOP N' and where-clause and nodes etc, paging is not an option it currently supports.

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05 Base Camper

Re: Adding the Paging feature to a Custom Rest API

Thanks Shoaib, any idea if there are plans to add this feature in future releases?

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