Add New User or Group Error

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Add New User or Group Error

I'm trying to add a new user (as of done multiple times in the past), but I keep getting this error.

Add User Error.PNGHow would I go about fixing this? We don't use PostgreSQL, but the service is running.

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Re: Add New User or Group Error

Hello Joshua,


Role Based Security (RBS) settings are stored in the Postgres database. Since the Web UI originally allowed a login at some point, the connection to Postgres should have been connected at time of login to verify the user had permissions in RBS to login.


It seems the connection between the Prognosis Web UI and Postgres dropped sometime before trying to add a new user, or the user/group name might be too long to be accepted, but based on the screen capture, the number of characters appears to be short enough.


Corrective steps:

  1. Logout and back into the Web UI, then try adding the user/group again.
  2. Check the wvlog of the Web UI server for errors relating to Postgres and resolve them.
  3. Reboot the Prognosis Web UI server.
  4. Open a Prognosis Support case.


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin


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