send to web not working

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send to web not working

hi all

what needs to be done, to make the "send to web" of a display possible ?
I can access the web interface with a local user of the machine as administrator . But when I want to "send to web" I get a permission denied.

Are there some access restrictions and how can I set these ?



Re: send to web not working

Hi there
For Send To Web, there is usually no config required out of the box. Does this problem occur for other displays as well?
Perhaps remove any unknown factors - open the Prognosis 10 GUI on the Prognosis 10 server console.
Then copy the display to the local file system into "My Displays and Configurations" folder, so it's not on a shared network drive.
Then, get same error? - after "Test Connection" or after clicking "Publish"?
What's the exact wording of the error?

Re: send to web not working

Also, ensure the user you are logged in to the GUI as has full permission to the IIS directory located in the Prognosis\WEBUI directory of your installation.
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Re: send to web not working

Hi Gerald

Thanks for your answers. I gave the user full control to the IIS and all subfolders but unfortunately its still not working.

The wording of the error message is : Connection Failed: login Failed please check the credentials you entered as well as the permissions set by your prognosis administrator.

Also when I use the Test connection button the same problem occurs.

Do you have any more ideas ?


Re: send to web not working

Hi Steffen
And gave full control to the Prognosis\WebUI folder?
It could also be the Microsoft authentication login is rejected through IIS.
That error exact wording has been seen before and that time IIS Manager also had some trouble. It was resolved by user password change.
Failing that, try these Help articles to confirm IIS settings all in place.
Installation > Web Application > Important Notes > Important Notes
Installation > Web Application > Important Notes > Microsoft IIS Settings
Failing that, contact Support for further investigation.

Re: send to web not working

Does the SECURITY configuration contain settings other than the default "GRANT (*.*.*)" ?  Maybe something there could be restricting web publishing.

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