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Is the a way to limit the interval of of the IRMQSCOL . To prevent a request Less than one minute

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Re: Nonstop IRMQSCOL

Hi Garey, not that I am initially aware off the top of my head or doing some quick looking around. 


Can you describe the problem you are seeing and which Prognosis version and maybe there is another way we can tackle it?


I am sure you are aware fo these paramemters already in the configuration but none of these will have the exact result you are looking for.


Maximum number of queue manager instances, default = 1.

Maximum number of queue instances to collect data on per interval, default = 100.

Maximum number of message instances to collect data on per interval, default = 1000.

Maximum number of channel instances to collect data on per interval, default = 50.

Maximum number of WebSphere MQ processes to collect data on per interval, default = 20.

Maximum message wait time in seconds, default = 5. The default value should be accepted unless the MQ Server is extremely heavily loaded and 15603 Prognosis errors are occurring.

Maximum time to wait on a reply queue message in seconds, default = 30.

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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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Re: Nonstop IRMQSCOL

It tured out to not bed a Prognosis issue but a MQ issue . Prognosis was only aggravating the issue.

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