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How to uninstall Prognosis from the command line?

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How to uninstall Prognosis from the command line?

Description: You want to script the uninstall of Prognosis (10.x, 11.x) from the command line.

Solution: Any windows application can be uninstalled from the command line with WMIC. The below is an example of doing this:

1. Open a command prompt and type in wmic
2. When the next line prompts with "wmic:root\cli>" enter the command:

product where name="Prognosis" call uninstall

3. There will be a small delay and another prompt starting with the word 'Execute" will return and you simply type Y and press Enter to accept it.

Below is an example of this:


wmic:root\cli>product where name="Prognosis" call uninstall

Execute (\\AAVM-W12-PROG10\ROOT\CIMV2:Win32_Product.IdentifyingNumber="{B682202D-3C99-4B25-A1B8-E79AC8B8288C}",Name="Prognosis",Version="10.1.5")->Uninstall() (Y/N/?)? Y

Note: If you installed Prognosis via a msiexec and selected a different install name than Prognosis, then you would need to enter that above in step 2.

The above will uninstall just as it would with Add/Remove Programs.
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