Commands from WebView in Release 10

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Commands from WebView in Release 10

Hello dear Experts,

is it possible or perhaps do you have plans to support Commands from GUI in Webview.
We still use it in Release 9 at customer vallourec and wait for it, so that we can go forward with migration to release 10.

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Re: Commands from WebView in Release 10


Hi There
Prognosis Commands are still not yet supported in the Web UI / Web Application in the current version Prognosis 10.4.
(There is a new feature in 10.4 for ATM Incident Manager (AIM) of being able to open, comment on, and change the state of tickets from the Web UI. Not really related but I thought I'd throw that in there! Wink)

Re: Commands from WebView in Release 10

As of 11.1 there are currently two command interfaces supported in the WebUI for building custom commands.
ATM Ticketing Manager (MpOpenProblemTicket Record) and ATM Command Manager (Postilion Commands only right now).

It requires a few things to occur for the display.
1) A customer display needs to be converted to a .DASHBOARD file and an appropriate side car files created for queries within it.
2) The .DASHBOARD file needs to be build with specific code for that interface; some of the data can be passed automatically if the display uses a prompt (there is some caveats to this).
3) Then a couple of additional files need to be updated.
4) The updated .DASHBOARD published back to the web.

Consulting Services can do this for a supported interfaces and we at a point we can explore doing it for the other interfaces types in the "Type" dropdown in the command definition interface.

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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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